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Occupational Health

Black and Banton provides all the occupational health services a business needs, no matter what it’s size.

We adopt a long-term approach to a worker’s employment, covering their wellbeing from starting work to leaving the company. To find out more, please select a service below for more information.


Sickness absence costs employers an immense amount of time and money. It goes without saying that reducing absence occurrences and the length of time an employee is off work leads to huge savings year after year.

We provide managers with the tools to refer employees to our services quickly and advise on effective occupational health solutions, helping keep your employees where they are most productive and cost-effective to your business – at work.

Example cost of one employee’s absence

Research from the CIPD and other bodies estimates that if one employee earning £25,000 per year was absent from work for 6.9 days a year (the current average) it would cost the employer £1,500*. For each day that employee called in sick, the company would have to pay £217.

Our staff – including occupational health nurses, counsellors and osteopaths – have years of experience in dealing with absences from physical, emotional and psychological triggers. If you would like help managing a particular absence case or advice on strategies to reduce absenteeism in your workplace then please get in touch.


* Direct costs plus indirect costs. Research in 2001 estimated indirect costs are equal to a company’s direct costs (in this case £750). Indirect costs include: overtime or acting up allowances, temporary workers’ wages, absence administration, management time arranging cover or replacements, training temporary staff or replacements, lower productivity of temporary or returning staff, and even lost customers.

We are able to provide most types of medicals within a quick turnaround period, including PCV, LGV, HGV, crane and forklift truck (FLT) drivers, offshore workers, pre-employment, safety critical, executive and travel and role-specific medicals.

We can even create a bespoke medical for your exact requirements.

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oh_health_surveillanceEmployers must provide health monitoring, sometimes called “surveillance”, for their employees. We use surveillance as an effective means of detecting any change in employee health at the earliest possible stage.

Black and Banton provides health surveillance that is effective, safe, sensitive and covers all your statutory obligations.

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Black and Banton’s health promotion programmes aim to improve the health of workers by increasing their knowledge and understanding of health issues such as diet, exercise and other lifestyle activities. We help companies to create policies and strategies to promote health within the workplace, including targeting a specific issue or section of the workforce. We help workers to improve and increase control over their health.

We use a number of methods to communicate to companies, including workshops and one-to-one talks.

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