standard-title Physical treatments

Physical treatments

At Black and Banton we can provide comprehensive physical health services from prevention, through diagnosis and treatment to referral where necessary.

Our approach to employee physical health is threefold:

  • symptoms, recent or past injuries and general health, to identify whether these could be causing or contributing to the current symptoms
  • postural, functional and ergonomic evaluation
  • testing of joints, muscles and connective tissues
  • an analysis of the working environment

  • Black and Banton’s highly qualified musculoskeletal practitioners are trained to diagnose complex conditions and give detailed prognoses, enabling managers to plan for their employee’s recovery process
  • db_phys_treatmentinformation, reassurance and advice to stay active
  • advice about pain control and management
  • manual musculoskeletal therapy techniques: soft-tissue massage, joint mobilisation, stretching, postural and breathing exercises and lymphatic drainage
  • a focus on regaining functional capacity
  • rehabilitation and return-to-work training